Tuscany through local eyes

Поехать посмотреть в Тоскане





One of Tuscany’s wonderful attributes is that diverse possibilities for adventure all lie within a mere hour’s drive.

During the warmer seasons -- the Italian coast; shifting from sand to cliffs and again to sand, it offers not only its famously beautiful beaches but its equally memorable restaurants serving ‘fruits of the sea’ … During the colder winter months – natural thermal reservoirs and crystalline ski slopes, which both soothe and strengthen, comfort and revitalize. Year-round – Florence and Sienna, Pisa and a myriad fortress-towns and tiny villages hiding in the hills. Art, history, scenic visages, nature reserves, and the warm spirit of Tuscany itself.

It is this spirit that we know best. Because of that, we largely avoid the most famous landmarks. While their beauty is striking, the true soul of a place lies in its depths – in the nooks of cities and of culture, in the unexpected light through the trees or in another’s eyes, in the peaceful moments where the pulse of life can be felt.

Harmonizing your interests with our approach, we help you discover your very personal magic in Tuscany.


Thermal Springs Among the Tuscan Hills

You have the opportunity to spend entire days in natural thermal springs … Deeply warming open-air and indoor pools … either relaxing or toning massages, depending on your preference … every type of mask, peel and other treatments to pamper your skin that you can imagine …


Enjoy your specialized spa experience independently, with friends or with one special soul. Set amidst the natural beauty of Tuscany, your experience also includes a light lunch, complete (as always!) with local wines.


We also invite you to enjoy the springs in the evening. After all, the gentle glow of twilight and of the first stars brings a one-of-a-kind magic to everything it touches! This special treat is available on Saturdays, when the springs remain open until 1:00 AM.

Shopping in Tuscany

It will be our pleasure to orient you toward the loveliest shopping in Tuscany!


World-famous Italian brands need no further introduction from us … so, instead we concentrate on introducing you to unique local treasuries, some so hidden that you likely would never find them alone! These include small, new or local Italian brands, of the highest production quality; artisan shops, which will delight and surprise you with their offerings; small factory-based shops with the finest cashmere and leather; wonderful assorted bazaars, usually only open to locals on certain days; and even tiny postcard shops, which will dazzle you with their mosaic of color and elegance.


With even greater pleasure, we will share with you our favorite groceries (usually selling goods they produce themselves) and outdoor markets, butchers, delicatessens, fruit and vegetable stands, bakeries and sweet shops … all offering only food which is of such quality that it may be called ‘sublime’, and for which Tuscany is so well known around the world. We will also introduce you to local cheese farms, small (fresh and cured) meat producers, to Chianti’s best vineyards and olive groves.


This Italian style of shopping is sure to delight you so much, that you will wish to enjoy your adventure again and again! And, a few favorite pieces of cheese, a carefully selected bottle of wine and a small canister of exquisite olive oil hidden in your suitcase will help you remember the magic of Italy even after you return home!

A Cheese Farm in Tuscany

We REALLY love cheese! Every possible kind! Soft, firm, fresh, aged, with holes, without them, white, yellow, orange … delicate or deeply flavored … served alone or with delicious jams … finely sliced or happily crumbled … for breakfast cozily with coffee … for lunch over crisp breads or salads … with deep wines for dinner … and even with home-made honey for dessert!


Nestled among endless vineyards and bathed nearly year-round in the Italian sun, Tuscan cheese farms are a must-visit on your journey! Learn all the hidden nuances of the artisans – from the first preparations to the aging process, to how every taste, color and form is achieved. Most importantly, indulge to your heart’s content in your favorite delicacy … you are offered not only the farm’s own wine, but crisp bread, beautiful layered olive oil and vegetables directly from the gardens. A joyful stomach and soul are practically guaranteed!

If your love of all things cheese is not completely satisfied by a visit to a farm, we will be happy to also bring you to the best local markets – be sure to leave space in your suitcase for the freshest and most delicious Tuscan treats, so that you can re-create your joy at home!

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