Tuscany through local eyes

Мероприятия во Флоренции Тоскане

Winemakers of Tuscany, Italian wine





Among our favorite places are those, which welcome the possibility of participation in their happenings. They include diverse activities, yet are unified by how learning practical skills also opens our souls to light and to growth, leaving a permanent connection to that place.

We offer unique mini-journeys through Tuscany, tailored to your interests, skills and hobbies.

Let us introduce you to the love behind sculpting in one of Florence’s own galleries, to the nuances taught in Tuscan culinary schools, to the pleasures of hand-crafting wine beginning with the vine itself, and to the pure joy of horseback riding through Tuscany’s painted expanses.

Whether these examples capture your imagination or your curiosity leads you elsewhere, let us craft an unforgettable custom journey for you.



Secrets of Tuscany - our autumn program of Family Holidays in Tuscany

Our luxury villa is waiting for you and your family from the 21th of October till the 28th.


Our spring active-leisure and healthy-living programs

It's gorgeous Tuscany! It's bliss-inducing food! It's soul-satisfying, healthy-living, active-lifestyle approved!


Culinary School in Florence

Do you love cooking? Do you love the intricate process of food preparation for its own sake? Are you curious about new culinary methods and approaches? If so, we invite you on a culinary journey to reach a new level of mastery in your craft. Allow our skilled Tuscan chefs to unlock a new world of taste and imagination for you!


Our culinary lessons take place in a small local school, in a cozy neighborhood in Florence, in both English and Italian. You will become familiar with the techniques for preparing a variety of dishes, which are absolutely necessary for delicious home-made lunches and dinners! You will sample and learn traditional and modern Tuscan recipes, approaches and culinary theories, which are easily applicable in your own home. Your own creations then happily become part of your luncheon, accompanied by the best local wines, carefully selected to pair with your meal. What a beautiful rainbow of new tastes and knowledge!


If you wish to dedicate more time to cooking, we are happy to offer you a complete culinary course, which is sure to delight your senses week-long!

Learn to Sculpt in Florence

The word ‘sculpture’ stirs something beautiful and ancient in our souls … a swirl of architects, painters and sculptors, both the immeasurable heights they reached and the softly lit details of their daily lives … Donatello … Raphael … da Vinci … Brunelleschi …


Their contributions add magic to our world even today. Brunelleschi’s dome, for example, still serves as Florence’s northern star, guiding locals and visitors alike, visible from almost every vantage in the city. Walking along Vasari’s corridors, our imagination naturally wanders to every miniature window, picturing the beauty of the galleries within, as Michelangelo’s art draws us close and inspires us …


Allow your soul to be moved by the world of sculpture, and for one week become a true Sculptor yourself! Our course will guide you through the process, including creating your clay model and your final copy – a wonderful masterpiece, of your own creation, to bring home!


For those, who already have experience in this medium, our gallery welcomes you as a peaceful place to create art, fellowship or both.

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