Tuscany through local eyes

Еда и Вино в Тоскане

Frische Bruschetta Italy





Tuscany is an undisputed leader among the regions of Italy known for their ‘deliciousness per capita’. The treasure hunt for Tuscany’s culinary gems leads through world-famous restaurants and through historic bars, through hidden bakeries and butchers, through glittering town centres and the warmth of sleepy villages, through rolling hazy hills and on toward the sea … each offering their own novelty and nuance.

Let us guide you through this tapestry of tastes, settings, seasons, tradition and culture that is the soul of Tuscany.

We have selected culinary locations and experiences known not only for their achievement, but for their process: only seasonal fruits and vegetables, only small local producers, only natural wines …

We are equally respectful of your nutritional preferences and needs. By balancing your true north with our unique culinary map, we help you discover the Italy of your – yes, your -- dreams. Your private Tuscany is waiting!


A Cheese Farm in Tuscany

We REALLY love cheese! Every possible kind! Soft, firm, fresh, aged, with holes, without them, white, yellow, orange … delicate or deeply flavored … served alone or with delicious jams … finely sliced or happily crumbled … for breakfast cozily with coffee … for lunch over crisp breads or salads … with deep wines for dinner … and even with home-made honey for dessert!


Nestled among endless vineyards and bathed nearly year-round in the Italian sun, Tuscan cheese farms are a must-visit on your journey! Learn all the hidden nuances of the artisans – from the first preparations to the aging process, to how every taste, color and form is achieved. Most importantly, indulge to your heart’s content in your favorite delicacy … you are offered not only the farm’s own wine, but crisp bread, beautiful layered olive oil and vegetables directly from the gardens. A joyful stomach and soul are practically guaranteed!

If your love of all things cheese is not completely satisfied by a visit to a farm, we will be happy to also bring you to the best local markets – be sure to leave space in your suitcase for the freshest and most delicious Tuscan treats, so that you can re-create your joy at home!

Secrets of a Real Italian Chef

Under the direction of an Italian chef, in kitchen of an Italian restaurant, you have the chance to prepare a delicious and authentic Tuscan dish … vegetable soup-puree balanced with delicate cheese mousse and fresh herbs … home-made ravioli under a blanket of whipped pumpkin cream … bubbling chicken or rabbit fricassee, baked with artichoke in a cozy clay pot … the finest fillet of fresh Tuscan beef, served with baked local pears and sun-baked figs … and so, so many more wondrous possibilities!

You will learn the little secrets (and perhaps even a few big ones!) of world-famous Tuscan cuisine, and have the chance to chat to your soul’s content on any and all appetizing topics! You see, Italians hold dear the belief that beautiful food deserves to be appreciated not only through taste but also through discourse – even better, when your conversation partner knows something about the topic! Then, with the addition of a glittering prosecco, a rich, deep red wine or even a dessert (to round out your Italian experience!), you will sample your creation inside the restaurant itself, aglow with warmth and life.

Finally, if you wish, after dinner you may enjoy Florentine nightlife. The contented murmur of dinner patrons enjoying a meal under the stars, the chink of wine glasses meeting each other in mid air, the bubbling laughter and random fragments of energetic discussions drifting toward you from town squares, a passing motorbike, children playing as they wait in line for ice cream, music from every bar combining to almost make the air itself sing … allow yourself to be enveloped by the beautiful cacophony of Southern European life, your spirit at once rested and revitalized …

Dinner Under the Stars in Chianti

As a small but magical treat, we are pleased to be able to offer you a light dinner under the stars at a family winery in Chianti.


A gentle drive through the Tuscan countryside, with view after view of seemingly-painted lilac hilltops and sleepy wineries opening before you into the distance, will lead you to a small family winery, adjacent to a beautiful historic villa. After touring the grounds and cellars, your dinner will begin with an invitation to sample some of the wine created from the very vines surrounding you. Allow yourself to slip into the magical haze of a warm summer night, with artisan wine and bread and small plates to gently entice your senses, somewhere in the heart of Italian wine country …


A wood fire will then be lit directly beside you, and everything from the most delicate Italian steak to the most flavourful sausages to every type of accompaniment will be prepared especially for you by the local butcher (who in Italy are experts at preparing every type of meat) … Local wine will be specially selected to pair impeccably with your meal.

(This experience is only available for four or more persons)

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