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Чем занять детей в Тоскане, Флоренции

Horse riding for children Tuscany





Children embody the sacred in life, and thus have a special and central place in it. Because of this, we devote special effort to planning child and family centric relaxation.

Vacationing with children certainly requires organization, attention to detail and a sense of humor. Our own experience with this helped us create our unique family-friendly Tuscan vacation plan. We understand both what little humans genuinely enjoy, and what their loving caretakers truly need (especially rest!).

We are also glad to help you find and book your favorite activities, including horseback riding, sailing and other water sports, golf, football, sculpting lessons, spring and summer children’s camps (available both in English and Italian), and  fascinating tours of Florence, Sienna and innumerable ancient fortress-towns (for slightly older children).

Let us help you re-discover your joy in Tuscany!



Carefully planning and organizing a vacation with children is not only a wonderful gift to them, but also ensures harmony and comfort for everyone around them. This includes not only a functional and cozy living space, as well as timely and yummy meals, but also the inclusion of specially selected activities. One of our favorite such activities is horseback riding.


We are happy to share with you some of the best instructors and locations in Tuscany. You may choose from learning the basics, honing already achieved skills, or simply taking a gentle ride through the Tuscan hills. Your lessons, of course, will be specially tailored to your and your child’s needs and rhythms.


We also offer these lessons for children with physical, health or other limitations.


Most of our barns are located near comfortable and beautiful inns … and we have, of course, already prepared a list of meal options, ranked by ‘deliciousness’!


This is an adventure, which is sure to bring joy to both you and your children!

We Love Pizza!

Pizza is a favorite childhood food! Even the most choosy child will happily agree to such a meal.


If you are traveling with children, we recommend that you include our pizza tour as one of your goals. Which is your favorite – thin crust or puffy? quadruple-cheese, or delicate mozzarella alone? classic, or folded into a calzone brimming with toppings? We believe that it’s impossible to choose! So, join us on a pizza adventure through Tuscany … let us share our favorite local masters with you, and discover the endless varieties, nuances and pleasures of real Italian pizza!

Learn to Sculpt in Florence

The word ‘sculpture’ stirs something beautiful and ancient in our souls … a swirl of architects, painters and sculptors, both the immeasurable heights they reached and the softly lit details of their daily lives … Donatello … Raphael … da Vinci … Brunelleschi …


Their contributions add magic to our world even today. Brunelleschi’s dome, for example, still serves as Florence’s northern star, guiding locals and visitors alike, visible from almost every vantage in the city. Walking along Vasari’s corridors, our imagination naturally wanders to every miniature window, picturing the beauty of the galleries within, as Michelangelo’s art draws us close and inspires us …


Allow your soul to be moved by the world of sculpture, and for one week become a true Sculptor yourself! Our course will guide you through the process, including creating your clay model and your final copy – a wonderful masterpiece, of your own creation, to bring home!


For those, who already have experience in this medium, our gallery welcomes you as a peaceful place to create art, fellowship or both.

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Tuscany, Italy


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