Местный взгляд на Тоскану

Soul-satisfying, healthy-living, active-lifestyle approved! October 2016 in Tuscany!

Calling all beautiful souls!

We want to share with you a brand new type of vacation for families!

It's gorgeous Tuscany! It's bliss-inducing food! It's soul-satisfying, healthy-living, active-lifestyle approved!

Last week, we welcomed our first visitors to Tuscany, four wonderful families from France and from Russia, diverse in culture and in ages (with babes from 9 months to 13 years).

Our welcome included a picturesque and ultra comfortable villa in Chianti, a personal chef, nannies, and a menu of happy and healthy options for active leisure.

Our chef developed and taught his own menu, using fresh ingredients grown in Italian soil, especially designed to be at once mindful and delicious -- sun-ripened vegetables and fresh herbs, local fish and cheese, yeast-free whole-grain breads and pastas, our own fruit smoothies, world-renowned Chianti wines. Our littlest guests (usually such picky eaters!) regularly asked for seconds and even thirds, topped off with surprise desserts and playtime in our gardens.

Our active-leisure is designed for your whole family. You will absorb the Tuscan food culture and learn new techniques, elevate your heart rate and your health knowledge with our trainers, or simply center your mind and breath with gentle walks.

Your little ones will also be well cared for. Our little visitors spent their days quite literally under the Tuscan sunshine, learning healthy habits in the most natural way -- through play and through joyful example.

After lunch, we would watch our guests light up as they explored our beloved Tuscany. Everything from art to history to shopping to rich local culture feeds the soul, and we are delighted to share it with you!

In the end, why are we so drawn to traditional Italian life? What are our souls searching for? Perhaps we all simply need to catch our breath, to remember sunshine and fresh air and humanity, to rediscover coziness in the chaos ... not only here in Italy, but in our hearts and in our own homes.

Please stay with us as we develop our 2017 program, and join us this Spring.

We can't wait to welcome you!

Come dream with us in Italian!